Bamboo Tiny House Hotel

The Bamboo Tiny House Hotel is in Portland. It has a total area of around 150 square feet.

If you are looking for a hotel room that can deliver the experience of living inside a tiny home, Bamboo Tiny House Hotel will be the best option available to consider.

Even though the floor area of this tiny house hotel is just 150 square feet, it has the ability to accommodate up to four people at a time.

One of the very first things you will notice about Bamboo Tiny House Hotel is the simple looking shed roof design.

This is delivering openness to the living room of the tiny hotel house.

This is capable of helping the people to feel like they are not cramped with a lack of storage space.

The Bamboo Tiny House Hotel has two levels. You will be able to get to the sleeping loft through Tansu stairs.

Apart from the bedroom, you can find a shower and kitchen space.

The kitchen offers basic appliances and utensils for food preparation. There is a coy pond in front of the Bamboo Tiny House Hotel to greet you as well.

For more information about this Bamboo Tiny House visit Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland.

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