Appalachian Container Cabin

The Appalachian Container Cabin is made with a shipping container. However, it has a split design, which will deliver all the support you need to get a comfortable living space.

The main reason why anyone would select Appalachian Container Cabin is because of the fascinating views of the surroundings that it offers.

It is possible for anyone to enjoy the best views of mountains from the rooftop and the level balcony.

There is outdoor space available in this Appalachian Container Cabin to help people living closer to nature as well.

Space available inside Appalachian Container Cabin is quite limited. For example, you will be able to see bunk beds inside this container house.

These beds are located near the dryer and washer.

By doing that, the constructors have taken appropriate steps to get the most out of living space.

When you are sleeping in the bunk beds, you will feel like the tours that you have on sleeper trains or buses. There is a rainwater showerhead in the bathroom.

Next to it, you can find a standard flush toilet. You can also find a basic kitchen here.

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