Beautiful 20-ft Shipping Container Cabin

The 20-ft Shipping Container Cabin is a two-level tiny house, which is made with the help of a shipping container.

Even though the tiny house is made with just one shipping container, it offers enough sleeping space for up to four people.

In fact, the tiny house is offering a total area of around 240 square feet.

This tiny house is offering a vibrant appearance on the exteriors. That’s mainly because it is painted in a bright green color. Right next to the front entrance of this tiny house is the couch.

The couch is a luxurious one and it is in front of a glass window. This will provide great views of the surroundings.

Then you can find the kitchen area as you walk in. Just before the kitchen, there is a ladder, which you can use to get to the loft area.

The bedroom is there within this loft area of the 20-ft Shipping Container Cabin.

Alongside the kitchen, you can find a bathroom. This is a relatively spacious bathroom.

The bedroom has an air conditioner and a small window, which offers great views of the exteriors.

Wooden flooring will contribute a lot towards the luxurious experience you can get during the stay.

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