These Catamaran Apartments will Amaze You!

If you need a perfect vacation place with your partner, looking at Catamaran Apartments could be one of the greatest ideas. These apartments are designed by Salt & Water Architecture and Yacht Design.

It is a house, but it is also a yacht. Well, it is a floating house if we can appropriately name it.

But when you look at the design, it looks more like a house than a yacht. Despite the home-resemblance feature, they are water vessels which you can drive to take you and your family to wherever you want.

It is a perfect vessel which will accompany you and your group on vacation. The house gives privileges to all the dwellers to enjoy their vacations in privacy and convenience.

The floating construction or little houseboats are offering such wonderful features for their guests. Each of these comes with ample windows, light, and the open space which will be comforting and entertaining all of the dwellers.

Every unit is accommodating thanks to its facilities such as bathroom, salon, sleeping loft, storage space, and so on. It can cater to two to four people.

So, you won’t need to worry if you bring your small family there. Plus, you can travel around with this moving accommodation.

For more information visit Salt and Water Architecture and Yacht Design’s website.

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