Check Out This Wonderful Minimalist Vacation Home

This minimalist vacation house is actually the dream house for Stacey Coleman and Shelley Kimball. This is made by Heliotrope, one of the most prominent architectural firms in the country.

The modern home has sleek and minimalist characteristics that are perfect endeavors for homeowners who don’t like cluttered rooms.

It has such a distinctive vibe and really provides everything you need for having simplicity and minimalism.

You can see the elements of art when you look at the exterior of the house for the first time.

The interior is more artistic, showing us the side of the art gallery.

One of the most unique components is the daybed placed in the corner. You can easily move it around to rearrange the room.

Inside the home, you will see a lot of spaces where you can put your favorite arts there. Imagine the blank space that you could fill with posters or your favorite art pieces. The possibilities are almost endless.

When we wrote down this review, the home was a relatively new building. That probably explained why there are some rooms for improvement.

You can visit the official site of the Heliotrope to find out more about this home and the builder behind it.

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