The Beautiful 440 Square Foot Weehouse

Today I am going to to share a stunning tiny house with you. This tiny home is 440-square located in Marfa, Texas.

The creator of this house is Alchemy Architects. They decided to name the tiny house Weehouse as the trade name of their creation.

One of the stars of this building is the shaded patio with the large awning. At a glance, you will know that this buddy is a great place for gathering with your friends and guests.

This tiny home comes with an ample amount of windows which give a lot of dynamicity. Its surroundings have such incredible views which you will want to enjoy fully with your friends and family.

You will also notice the outdoor canopies, decks, as well as the amenities that are so fulfilling.

This house has complete privacy for the dwellers. Ones won’t need to completely close their bathroom. The glass door parts the next side. You can soak yourself and enjoy the leisure time with the beautiful bonus of views.

Both floors and walls are made of the same wooden materials. That gives the impression of one simultaneous unit of house you live in.

Learn more about this house at the official site of Alchemy Architects.

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