The Foldable Is An Epic Tiny House!

This amazing tiny house is made by Salt & Water Architecture and Yacht Design. It is a Serbian designer team that has been focusing on both residential and commercial properties.

But their specialties are on yachts and aircrafts. Regardless, it does not stop them to be creative in creating the beautiful tiny house.

The tiny house has 20 square meters which can be enough for a small family. As the name suggests, ones can fold and unfold the home.

The owners claim that you can collapse the entire porch if you need it.

When you unfold the home, you will quickly notice double floor space. The other side of space is outdoor, though.

This unique house has cozy living room and dining room. As you might have expected, it also comes with an accommodating bedroom and kitchen.

It will be hard to overlook the existence of the minimalist furniture sets in the kitchen that consist of cool tables and chairs.

The space? We’d describe the interior as an open space where everyone can comfortably use all of the features of the home without feeling cramped.

The open wall space is versatile. You can place any additions there without any problem. Learn more by visiting the team’s official site.

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