Cube Shaped Minimalist Home

When it comes to the 1050 square feet home, many people might not agree that it is a tiny home. But you will really love to stay at this small home when you manage to enjoy the interior.

The box shape of the home is not something that you see on a daily basis. The incredible shape of the box is pretty clear when you look at it from the front of the property. The entire front wall is windows.

The design is inspired by the combinations of the heritage of the owners which mixes the Japanese and Chinese elements together, creating such bold and minimalist approaches.

In the interior, the shoji screens really represent the heritage from Japanese features.

The wet room consists of a tub and open shower, pretty enough for the busy person.

The deep red hue of the color pre-dominate the interior and exterior. It is the solid proof of the Japanese influences for the creators.

The stair doubles leave enough room for storing the footwear for the dwellers and their guests. It is indeed a beautiful home that you really need to visit and get the aspiration from.

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