Incredible Tiny House with a Luxury Bathroom

This awesome tiny home is looking for a new owner.

Although the house size is tiny, it gives ample living space and a luxury bathroom which can make you settle for a while.

Whether you are looking for a vacation house or a place for settlement, this one can be added to your wishlist.

The amenities of this tiny house won’t let you down.

The good thing about this tiny house is the fully furnished parts of the home.

It comes with a large living room space which you can use for family functions, new storage, or even extra beds for guests and more people.

Besides focusing on the kitchen and bathroom, it also focuses on the large living room.

I’d give two thumbs up to the addition of the dual reclining loveseat for maximum comfort for the occupants.

The fireplace can warm you in the colder months. So, it is the home for all season.

It has seating for up to eight people, making you forget that you are living in a tiny house.

The functional kitchen comes with marble countertops, complete appliances, as well as a good amount of cabinets for the food storage and pantry.

The bedroom is small but efficient.

And don’t forget the large living room space that you can use for many other purposes.

Consider booking a room tour and you won’t regret it.

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