Excellent 20-Foot Tiny House With Rustic Elements

Today I have a special treat for our readers — one of the most incredible tiny houses I have ever seen.

The home is called as Woodland Escape because it offers such a place where you and your lover can escape and enjoy the soothing experience of the vacation home.

This house size is only 20 feet but offers you tons of interesting elements.

Not to mention that it has everything you need for the place called as your Second home.

Indeed, it comes with the loft beds, functional kitchen, accommodating bathroom, as well as the seating room for you and the other occupants to spend the quality time together.

I have actually mentioned all of the important stuff back then.

But let me get to the details a little bit.

One of the first things which captivate my heart is the full sized gas cookstove and the oven front and center in the kitchen.

For me, meal time is the most important time in family gathering events.

Therefore, this makes me conclude that the functional kitchen is the focal point.

There are four bar stools with rustic wood paneling accents on the walls.

After the kitchen, there is a small functional area for dining.

You can also use it as a workspace when not in use.

Corner shower comes with a spacious room for comfortable bathing.

Definitely a beautiful tiny house worth checking.

For more information or to buy this luxury tiny house, visit Lil Bear Tiny Homes.

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