Check Out This Brilliant 399-Square-Foot Farmhouse

Some tiny houses catch your attention just the second you see them.

This fantastic farmhouse is 399 square feet in size.

It comes with the attached wrap around the porch.

This sounds promising especially if you are a huge fan of the farmhouse-style tiny house.

The focal point of this house is the stone fireplace on the porch. It is an all-season living space for you and your family.

Come into the house space and you will be amazed at its fantastic kitchen.

This kitchen won’t let you down since it comes with all the kitchenette items you need.

There are a blond cabinet and stainless steel full refrigerator to make sure that your daily needs are fulfilled.

Looking for the space for storage? There is no shortage of storage in this fantastic tiny house.

The full bathroom has a shower and a small seat, but no bathtub.

The pocket doors installed in this house save some space.

Unlike many other tiny houses with loft beds. It comes with a full bedroom, definitely a great choice if deep sleep is your main concern.

The beautiful porch is what caught my eyes at first.

The porch wraps halfway around the front part of the house.

You can have a nice time with your friends or family there while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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