Bamboo Tiny House Hotel

The Bamboo Tiny House Hotel is in Portland. It has a total area of around 150 square feet. If you are looking for a hotel room that can deliver the experience of living inside a tiny home, Bamboo Tiny House Hotel will be the best option available to consider. Even though the floor area of … Read more

Incredibly Spacious Haven Pre-Fab by IdeaBox

The Spacious Haven Pre-Fab Small Home has a total area of around 765 square feet. It is a properly planned and carefully structured small home. That’s mainly because you will be able to discover three different zones in the small home. These three zones are dedicated to living, sleeping, as well as working. There are … Read more

Modern Tiny Cottage in California

This modern-looking tiny cottage is located in California. It is not the most spacious tiny house. However, you will be impressed to see how the designers have taken the maximum out of available space to deliver a functional living area for the guests. This is a pre-fabricated home. To complement interior living space, there is … Read more