Beautiful Canadian Tiny House

Canada has a newsmaking tiny house that comes with a blend of style and functionality. The distinctive exterior comes together with a beautiful interior that wraps up the 25-feet tiny house.

The random-sized windows and frame shapes deliver a vibrant atmosphere without distorting the main elements of the house. It’s currently listed at CAD 65,000.

The interior is done with simple decoration and well-selected color combinations. The bar connects with the kitchen but the large window invites the sunshine that opens up space.

The couch area is surrounded by windows and hosts spacious storage underneath. With two other skylights, no dark spots were practically found in the tiny house in the daylight.

While it looks efficient enough, you can still find refrigerators, kitchenette, flush toilet, and other amenities.

The Canadian tiny house is featured with an electric elevated loft that you can raise and lower. Not only that you can find the best suitable position but you can also personalize your space and redecoration becomes possible in the long run.

When elevated to the ceiling, you can access the loft with a book-shelved ladder.

If you think the tiny house is expensive, consider that the price already includes the whole furnishings.

Also, the house’s walls are built with two-layered insulation and fully stained. No more work is required to stay at this tiny house.

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