The Charlestonian Dream

The bold and brightly colored tiny house Charlestonian Dream has captured the compact house fans’ hearts for strong reasons.

Even though it’s likely been sold, it’s just irresistible to adore this newsmaking tiny house.

It appears in soft and bright aqua colors without glaring or overlapping each other. The exterior is just as inviting as the interior is.

The Charlestonian Dream’s interior is a smart blend of simple decoration and efficient space usage. It has a compact kitchen, a stove, oven, microwave, refrigerators, and even a regular deep sink.

The bright finished wooden floor and ceiling make it more spacey even though a laundry room is also hosted inside. Summary flowers warm up the tiny house interior.

There are two lofts upstairs situated at the opposite sides of the house but connected with a catwalk crossing from side to side.

Below your way to the loft, you’d see more storage for your clothes and personal belongings. It also has a spacious bathroom that sustains the beachy theme of the interior.

You can basically enjoy the summery vibes in The Charlestonian Dream tiny house for every single day, well, maybe not in the winter.

However, we don’t know whether or not this dreamed tiny house is coming back to the listing.

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