Awesome! This Tiny House in Oregon Is The Minimalist Family Home

Tiny Smart House is a company that specializes in building RVs certified tiny houses on wheels that can be towed by cars or trucks.

These homes are designed to last like any other home. The floor plans can be customized to fit your needs.

The Willamette Farmhouse model is an ideal size for a family of four or more people.

It is large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably, but still has plenty of room for storage and activities.

The short length is great for fewer people and is easier to tow. These models have tall ceilings and tons more built-in storage space than other models.

The full-size appliances can be installed next door to your custom cabinets. There’s plenty of room to store everything in these models.

The lofts are private with full wall and steps leading up. The possibilities are endless.

The Willamette makes it perfect for a growing family with a passion for living small.

For more pictures and information about the Willamette farmhouse, visit the tiny house builders’ website.

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