Own This Cozy 100-Square-Foot Tiny House For $59000

For some folks, the break in the peaceful environment can really refresh and rejuvenate them. If this describes you much, you will get a lot from this Garden Studio Tiny House.

The 100 square foot Garden Studio is the convenient and soothing tiny home that offers the peaceful and tranquil sanctuary for all of the dwellers.

When you enter the house, you will quickly notice the vaulted ceiling. The designer did this for a good reason. it will enhance the spacious feeling of the area.

I am amazed with the smart wall storage system which allows the occupants to store their favorite books, magazines, and other items. With the vaulted ceiling, you can also look through the skylights.

There is a yard which you can use as the playground for the kids. The playing area is made for the active family. But it also has an office which is ideal for the serious remote worker.

It is not exaggerating to say that this studio is a versatile one. You can use this place for working, resting, as well as playing. It is a perfect home for a family with kids and couples.

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