The Mermaid Cottage is a Gorgeous Tiny House

Mermaid Cottage is a tiny home which is suitable for the loving couple. It is located in Angel Rock Ranch, Southern Colorado nearby La Garita Wilderness Area. That explains how beautiful its surroundings are.

The designer of the home uses the cordwood method to construct it. You won’t be surprised to see the recycled bottles planted to the exterior.

Surprisingly, it has made such a wonderful combination that teases everyone who looks at it.

I am sure that it is not the thing that most people would predict. The recycled bottles can have such huge positive impacts on the structures of the house.

As you enter the tiny home, you will see the original artwork that will blow your mind.

The kitchen is accomodating enough with its working two burners and a small refrigerator. The countertop main material is granite.

At a glance, you’d agree that it is an old-fashioned cottage. But it has high-tech amenities which are relevant for the modern demands.

Wait until the sun sets and the night comes. You will be mesmerized by the surroundings and the home.

It is placed nicely so that you can conduct stargazing with your lover.

The cottage is powered by solar energy. Staying there costs you $139 per night with a two night minimum contract.

For more information about this tiny house, visit the official website here. You can also place a reservation on AirBnB.

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