Why Are Murphy Beds So Expensive?

A Murphy bed is a type of folding bed that retracts into the wall when not in active use. It was invented by William Lawrence Murphy in 1883. He patented his invention in 1888. Murphy beds were first used in homes and apartments, but now they are also found in hotels and motels. Murphy beds … Read more

Best 3 Ways to Heat Your Tiny House

Heating a tiny house in winter requires some research. You need to know how much heat you need, and if your furnace or heater will be enough. Also, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck when buying an appliance. Wood The original Very Small Woodstoves are made by … Read more

VIPP Shelter Tiny Home

The VIPP Shelter tiny house holds the minimalist approach which provides ample space for the dwellers. VIPP Shelter is designed to be placed in any setting. Whether it is urban, suburban, rural areas, the owners of the shelter can place it anywhere they want. VIPP is not a newcomer in the world of homes. It … Read more