Whangapoua is an Incredible Tiny House

If you are craving for a beachside tiny home, then you cannot go wrong with Whangapoua House. It is a masterpiece created by Crosson Architects, a creative firm in Auckland.

Their projects have been featured on many home design magazines across the globe.

The beautiful beachside homes made by them have gained a lot of attention from many tiny home enthusiasts across the globe.

Taking a tour to the Whangapoua House will inspire you a lot with the insights of the small vacation house.

As you first come to this place, it will be easy to notice the features of the home. One of the most astonishing features is its bi-folding cedar shutters.

These shutters give solid protection for the house when the weather is not friendly for the house.

But you can also expand them to provide more privacy for the dwellers of the house.

The luxurious beachside tiny house is indeed valuable for the escapists and the vacationers.

When you open the wall, you will be able to see the beautiful sea.

Kitchen is spacious enough to provide spaces for the cooks to move around and be creative. The bedroom has an upper opening which the dwellers can use to see the view of the stars in the night.

Ones will enjoy the leisure time in this house.

Visit Crosson Architects to learn more about this and other projects by this architectural team.

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