This Tiny House with Rustic Country Style will Amaze You

This house is a modern country styled on the wheels that are only five minutes walk away from the beach.

For those who are yearning for the incredible beach views and nuances, this house is the top choice for you.

The tiny house is only 24 feet in size but provides ample room for the occupants.

The first thing you will love is the beautiful exterior of the country chic home.

To overcome the limitations of the space, the designer added the wall to wall shiplap to give the illusion of space so that it looks larger than the actual size.

How about the living area? Magnificent!

This little space has additional storage shelves, a shoe rack, and a simple shelf underneath the TV device for storage. Despite the small space it resides, it has plenty of storage to use.

The unique style of the rustic home looks consistent from the exterior to the interior.

This house takes a little space for living but is fantastic for regular use.

If you are planning for a beach vacation for a long time, this can be your best buddy.

The kitchen space is also awesome. The designer stands up to the function and appealing concepts since the amenities are all there from the French doors, refrigerator, gas-burning cookstove, drawers, and so on.

There are also full-size toilets and showers.

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