Magnificent Tiny House with Rustic Design

The artisan-crafted tiny house on the wheels is not something common in the real estate market. It only has 191 square feet of space.

This house comes with everything you need for a cozy place on your holiday.

With such limited space, everything fits in there from the loft bedroom, small kitchen, full bathroom, as well as the wood stove that you can use for the colder months and colder seasons.

Residing near the beach, it only takes a few minutes to walk from your house to enjoy the natural views of the beach.

The first thing you will notice is the unique wood accents that master the house exterior and interior.

The artisan-style is emphasized in every corner of the room.

You can feel the beautiful rustic experience the moment you enter this tiny house.

At the end part of the home, you will find a small but functional kitchen. The handmade countertop benefits all of the occupants who live there.

You can use the countertop for meal preparation, dining in, and even playing board games together with your family members.

It has a full bathroom and a serviceable sink that you can use daily. The ceilings are tall and you will notice the floating shelves in the kitchen space.

The space in front of the stove is also great for your tea time.

All in all, it is an amazing tiny house not to miss.

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