This Tiny House Near Illinois Has a Surprisingly Great Interior

You can find so many gorgeous tiny houses on the market currently! One which absolutely caught my eye is this tiny house by Pin Oak Tiny Homes.

This tiny house is bigger than most tiny houses. It is 340 square foot of amazing space.

It is 28 feet in length and is extremely colorful. You can see its uniqueness even from a far.

This house has a giant octagonal Porthole in the middle of its building.

It has a tiny deck which is rare in tiny houses.

The kitchen has a breakfast bar which appears very trendy. You can grow indoor plants in this house.

This tiny house has two lofts and one bathroom.

The octagonal charming window is right across the kitchen.

You can access the loft with a staircase. The stairs are near the window which makes it very appealing and a cosy corner of the house.

The window provides a very mesmerising view.

The walls of this house are very rustic. The barn door in this house is its best feature.

The bathroom has spacious shower space and a sink.

The shower’s tile floor is heated and the rest of the bamboo floor in the house is heated as well.

There is a flush toilet and there are shelves in the bathroom. This is a very charming tiny house.

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