The Coastal Breeze Comes With Gorgeous Roof

This house is built by Park Model Homes. This tiny house has brilliant details and has been customised.

The Coastal Breeze has a lot of sunlight in every space of the house.

It has a very spacious porch with an interesting roof.

The windows are designer and are placed above the door. This house has been made of wood and it is very inviting.

This has a loft upstairs and is very spacious.

You can feel completely relaxed in the sleeping area in this tiny house. Most tiny houses have a ladder, but this house has a proper staircase which takes you to the loft.

The wooden cabinets in the kitchen are adorable and the high windows fill the space with sunlight.

The windows in this house and the ample light gives it a very vibrant vibe. It is extremely airy and makes you feel calm.

The shower stall is cosy but has enough space to take showers.

The Coastal Breeze is one of the best tiny houses if you like a house which is full of light and space.

It has so many cabinets that you will not be left wanting more storage space. It also has a splendid view.

Learn more about this tiny house at Park Model Homes.

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