Own This Exceptional and Stylish Tiny House for $75,000

Ladybug is a beautiful tiny house. It is available only for $75000.

The tiny house is situated in Sarasota.

This house can endure the worst of weather conditions. The asphalt shingle roof has a warranty of 15 years.

The siding has been made entirely of cedar. Every window in the house has custom made blinds.

This is a very modern house with a traditional vibe.

You can travel with it anywhere and it will fit in perfectly with any surrounding you park it in.

You can purchase this tiny ladybug house and make it your own.

The kitchen has very trendy backsplash tiles that go from the floor to the ceiling and make it appear very designer.

The kitchen has two basins and a lot of cabinets and marble counters.

There is a microwave and an electric cook top in this tiny house. There is also a freezer and a fridge.

The loft of this tiny house is mesmerizing. It has a very modern appearance and receives a lot of daylight.

It has two huge windows on both sides and two skylights.

Overhead LED lights are also present in the loft. It is a very comfortable loft.

The bathroom has a sink and a flushing toilet with a tub and a shower.

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