This Tiny House Is Surprisingly Charming Inside

Everybody needs an escape from the hectic world. But each individual indeed has a different preference in escaping.

If you are looking for a mountain escape, you cannot go wrong with the Collins Little River Escape.

As unique as its name, this tiny home is modern-themed with a rustic setting that makes the occupants closer to nature.

It gives you the chance to escape from the hectic world without compromising your necessities as a modern citizen.

Although located in the mountains, the tiny house comes with modern amenities to make you comfortable and joyful.,

As you step through the door, the living space is there to welcome you. The designer is so smart that he can make such a great living space with large windows on all sides of the house.

These give you the chance to enjoy all of the natural light. but you can also use the blinds for your privacy.

Seating is available for you and your fellow occupants. There are many spaces that you can use based on your creativity.

The kitchen is unique since it comes with a galley style.

The bathroom is large enough with a shower.

Sleeping well? YES.

There is a large bedroom with extra spaces for other beds.

The covered back porch is also great, giving you convenience thanks to the shades of the trees.

For more information about this tiny home, check out the full listing in the Tiny Home Marketplace.

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