Find Out What It’s Like to Live in the Venice Tiny Home

Today I have a special treat for our readers — one of the most magnetizing tiny houses on wheels I have ever seen. The home is situated in Orlando, Florida.

This marvelous modern dream house is called Venice.

Located in the center of Florida, this house offers you such wonderful experiences that you can enjoy with your lover and family.

It has ample space for three to four people to occupy.

The design of the house really signifies what you need as a good vacation home, regardless the size. It has a good loft bed, full bathroom with shower, as well as large windows to bring natural light into the living space.

You can prefer blinds if you need some privacies.

There’s a good space where I can make it function for any occasion. Not to mention that the amenities will not make you down such as a good functional kitchen, full bathroom, TV, couch, as well as a fireplace.

Amongst the parts, I love the idea of the kittens in this tiny home. The counter space also comes with plenty of room that you need.

The kitchen comes with tons of features such as a 4 burner stove, cabinet space, paper goods, pantry supplies, and many more.

There’s a door underneath the loft where you can access the full functional bathroom with a shower.

There’s also a garage door which can open up from the kitchen. From there, you will get access to the patio for BBQ, playground, tea time, and so on.

Learn more about The Venice rentals by visiting Orlando Lake Front.

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