This Rustic Tiny House Is Surprisingly Comfy Inside

When you look at this rustic tiny house, you will be amazed knowing the fact that it was a garage.

It is located in Woodland. If you have a plan to go there, don’t miss the opportunity to make a reservation at this beautiful tiny house.

The house is surrounded by fruit trees. Let’s take a break time to enjoy the outdoor sitting area. From the outside you might have guessed that it is a nice tiny home. But don’t let its appearance deceive you.

It feels more comfortable and spacious than it looks. As you enter the tiny house, you could use the ladder which leads you to the cozy loft. There is also an underneath futon that you can use for napping or sleeping.

There is also a small desk which is mounted along the wall. It is a nice placement since it will provide the workstation quickly for the remote workers.

There are also kitchen and dining areas which are pretty much accommodating for all of the occupants. You can use its stovetop to make a simple menu or reheat your ransom.

Surrounding the house, the views are amazing. It costs only $68 per night. It is a pretty great price indeed.

You can book this tiny house at AirBnB.

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