Russian River Studio is a Lovely Tiny House

It is an 864 square feet home called Russian River Studio. I know what you’re thinking since it is not even appropriate to call it a tiny home. But compared to the other houses, it is categorized as a small house.

Cathy Schwabe Architecture is the designer party of the house. The house is purposely designed for the writer and photographer for recreation.

If you are one of them, or work in a relatable field, you will quickly know why it is a perfect house for your escape.

The house exterior is mainly made of wood and metal siding. The metal siding gives protection to the house.

You can see that a couple of contrasting colors are accompanying the home exteriors.

When you come inside the studio, you will quickly notice how open the space is. The white walls are separated by the panels which yield different colors, but not striking.

You will notice the polished concrete floor that does not betray the concept of the vacation home for the content creators.

There are some yellow panels which can be pulled aside. As a result, it provides ample space for the dwellers to work.

The designer put the large size of doors and windows. These give them such wonderful views.

Need a break? Don’t hesitate to visit this studio if you have a chance to do it.

For more information visit Cathy Schwabe’s website.

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