This Custom Treehouse Is A Perfect Minimalist Family Home

Today I would like to share with you one of the most magnetizing tiny houses I have ever seen.

People with the soul of an adventurer would like to spend their day off in an all-natural tiny home, just like a treehouse.

Utopia Treehouses has this facility named The Carousel which could make your treehouse dream come true.

Located on a huge tree with an amazing view of flowing water on the backside, this would be the perfect place to spend your time romantically or excitingly with your friends.

From the first step into the treehouse, you would already feel the thrill of stepping into something whimsy yet playful altogether.

You won’t be cooking as much as you were at home, but still, there are spots with chairs and tables for you to enjoy coffee or playing board games.

You can feel little bits of various cheerful and colorful accents at every corner of the treehouse.

Colorful interiors with bright colored chairs and pillows surely make your stay comfortable and exciting.

Thanks to the designer that you would have colorful corners everywhere in this house, and books of poetry to make your stay even more romantic.

Wait until you see the colorful bedroom, washroom, and outdoor lounge. Surely you would be willing to spend as many nights as possible here at The Carousel.

For more information about this treehouse, visit Treehouse Utopia.

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