Check Out This Brilliant Converted Shipping Container Tiny House!

You can find tons of gorgeous tiny houses on the market right now!

But what could complete your Australian outback escape other than a tiny home from converted containers?

Especially this one that is located on a mesmerizing hill, complete with a private bedroom, full kitchen, and washroom, as well as a wood stove in the living room.

Rustic loves would love how much the raw wood elements they would find in this house.

Just one look from the porch and you would already be able to imagine how amazing it is to sit at the balcony enjoying the view while having lunch.

You can also use the balcony for enjoying your drinks after dinner while basking yourself in the evening breeze.

Stepping through the door, you wouldn’t have imagined it before that there could be such a convenient place to live inside.

The interior is well-furnished with wall-mounted TV, a few chairs, and even a wood stove.

You could feel the callings already.

Don’t miss the apartment-sized fridge and dual burner countertop, plus the full oven space that will make it possible for you to cook any tasty meals you want.

You would still get extra privacy with a private bedroom with a private balcony.

For people who love it rustic yet modern, this converted container tiny home would be your perfect place to spend your romantic getaways.

Learn more about this amazing tiny house on Living in a Container.


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