Stunning Modern Farmhouse With Soft Interior

You can find plenty of gorgeous tiny houses on the market at this very moment! One which really caught my eye is this tiny house by Tree Hugger Tiny Homes.

If you are up to farmhouse and the likeness, then this house is a top notch choice for you.

Experts dubbed it as Epic Modern Farmhouse.

Tree Hugger Tiny Homes is the creator of this beauty. They describe this house as coming with the passion of the environment sustainability, and highest quality.

It comes with the two-tone siding which focuses on the copper roof and accent doors.

The bright blue color of the house really represents the clear sky. So, I will have double the excitement when looking up at the sky and looking at the house.

It is featured with the maple hardwood flooring.

The walls and ceiling are made of groove pine. Meanwhile, the cabinets, countertops, and other furnishings are built from the solid wood materials.

The farmhouse has a functional kitchen with the sink and washer dryer combo.

It is a great thing for those who need to be accommodated all of the time.

The water system is tankless, what you will expect from a cost-effective tiny house.

There’s a fold up workstation which you can fold up when not in use, giving you ample space for different functions and activities.

The right sliding door leads you to the bathroom. There is breakfast under the big windows as well.

Kitchen and living room fit together. It is great for those who love to gather and feast.

For more information this beautiful house, you can visit Tree Hugger Tiny Homes.

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