Orme Minimaliste Elegant Tiny House

Minimaliste is a name of a renowned Canadian tiny home builder that has years of experience in creating the dwellings and homes for the clients across Canada and the US.

On this occasion, I’d like to highlight one of its highest qualities of tiny houses which comes with elegance and class.

This house resembles the Ebene house, but this model is smaller.

The exterior is like the other models from the same builder. But you will notice the huge difference in the interior of the house.

Orme Tiny House is the horizontal and vertical cladding to create such a minimalist base. A fun gray will be the color that accompanies you all the time.

The spacious living room is offered to you. Then you will notice in the front of the window, there’s a large projection screen.

You can pull the screen down as the blind for your room, as well as the medium to watch your favorite movie and TV series with your family.

The storage stairs lead to the loft bed, located at the top of the living room.

There are two lofts in this tiny house. The next loft is above the bathroom.

The kitchen? Awesome!

It has the counter space and cozy plans which you can use to get the delicious dishes as you want.

Inside the kitchen, you can extend the countertop for getting extra workspace. When not used, you can flip that down for other functions.

There are many details in this house that are worth checking by yourself.

Learn more about the tiny house builder Minimaliste by visiting their website here.


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