Shipping Containers Are Surprisingly Incredible Inside

Getting a comfortable stay during your vacation on a tiny island such as Phuket couldn’t be better with this stacked container apartment loft.

Because of its complex design, there are multiple layouts you can choose to make your stay as comfortable as you had imagined before.

There are different units you can choose and each has a different color theme and decor, but there is one similarity among them: concrete floors that make it easy to do some cleaning up.

The rooms themselves are filled with a simple metal bed frame and a few floating shelves.

Although there are quite a lot of furniture inside, they are all functional without any sense of being cluttered at all.

There is still so much more you can do with those floating shelves, such as using them to add more decor into the room.

A closet is not compulsory as long as you still have the place to hang your clothing and keep track of your dirty clothes.

As for the kitchen, you’ll get a microwave oven, a big fridge, and an installed sink.

The most impressive of them all is the large open windows which let your room basks in the tropical sunlight.

For more information about this wonderful Phuket container loft apartment, visit Living in a Container.

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