Incredible Log Cabin Tiny House With A Hot Tub

Owning a tiny house could be pleasant, some people even want to have a little cabin in the woods.

In this case, this big bear log cabin would be something you want for a tiny house cabin.

From just a glance you would find yourself taken aback into the past where wooden houses with chimneys are still popular.

But fear not, because the interior of this house is filled with modern amenities and it even has 2 bedrooms, an amazing backyard, and even a hot tub!

This could be a much more comfortable place to stay than your current house.

Taking a glance at this cabin, you’ll love how it blends into nature with some contrasting color in some parts of this tiny house.

Stepping into the inside, you will immediately be welcomed with the rustic and classical decor.

The living area has a small fireplace, enough to warm up the whole cabin during the cold season.

While you could also see modern furniture which could provide you with a nice and comfortable rest.

An open kitchen and a house surrounded with large windows for natural light, yet still a room for your privacy.

If you have been dreaming about living in a comfortable forest cabin, you won’t need to look further.

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