Modern Tiny House in California

This wonderful tiny house in California can be purchased for $175,000.

You can move this house freely wherever you want, just like a trailer.

The house is 12 feet wide by 32 feet long.

This fantastic home offers unique features that you will love.

One significant part of this house is its full-size kitchen that includes a 36″ cooler 30″ broiler gas cooktop.

In the kitchen, you will found European Kitchen cabinets made up of walnut grain and stainless steel. The walls are double vanity with vessel sinks and wall mount fixtures.

Another prominent feature of the house is a private toilet room. The toilet room has a wall-mount Kohler latrine.

The home also has its private shower room with glass mosaic tile and a shower column that you can enjoy the leisure of bathing.

You will also found built-in wardrobe cupboards that have drawers and shoe stockpiles. The ceilings and woods in the living room are made up of hickory wood.

The woods outside the house is called Shou Sugi Ban. Shou Sugi Ban is durable and long-lasting.

The life expectancy of this wood is more than 80 years. The tiny home is also designed for electric and gas machines.

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