Stunning Tiny House in Wisconsin

This tiny house is better than a trailer. Overall, the house is 300 square feet with dimensions 24′ long x 8’6″ wide x 13’4″ tall.

It has a unique feature: the fastener steel roof hidden and a cedar siding of Shou-Sugi-Ban.

In the nose of the home, you can find a utility closet. The house features awning windows.

The cell is closed with spray foam for insulation purposes.

Decks are made of steel and cedar, which is convenient for movement because it is foldable. You will note the landscape lights that illuminate around the base of the house.

On each side of the house, you will also notice dual spotlights.

On the kitchen sink, there is an Ecosoft 3-Stage Water Filtration System.

The kitchen has tons of storage capacity. This house’s other features include having a 33-gallon freshwater holding tank, smart TV, and a battery fueled “special” LP gas stove.

There is an Eco John Incinerator Toilet and a Walk-in Shower that has a PVC Tile.

The dryer and washer combo is spectacular. When your phone has a low battery, a USB outlet is available in the kitchen and lofts.

The steel guards are for lofts, and the lofts are covered to be comfortable in the knees.

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