Fall In Love With This Bohemian Cottage on Wheels

This wonderful tiny house is a creation of Robert and Rebekah Sofia.

The dream house has a particular distinction that beautifully teases every eye of the beholder. Some experts have slated this cottage as a shabby-chic one.

When about to enter the room, you will be welcomed by the bright yellow and blue couch after passing by the curtains.

I’d like to applaud the beautiful contrasts of the dark wood and white walls. It is indeed a bold movement that really works.

The creators of the house are smart enough to add more decorative components.

There is a brick oven in this house. I know that you’ve probably thought that it was a bizarre thing. But seriously, it is there so that you can make a pizza for you and your family as well as guests.

All you need to prepare is the ingredients with the recipe and you could experiment there.

There is a loft inside which you can reach by the beautiful set of stairs. There is a good storage and washing machine, in case you want to clean your clothes by yourself.

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