Cubicco Classic Is The Perfect Tiny House

Cubicco Classic is the name of a cool tiny house.

If you are wondering if there’s any tiny house that is ready to withstand the forces of mother nature, then I can recommend you the right choice. Its name is the Cubicco Classic.

It is a tiny house with minimalist design.

The engineers have made such a wonderful building which is ready to withstand the strong winds for up to 180 miles per hour. Therefore, it is safe to know that it can be a prevalent protector in Miami Dade County.

It is not a self-building house, though. Ones will need to hire the certified builders trained by Cubicco to assemble the parts.

It is arguably the strongest tiny house on earth. The individuals might not stand a chance to reserve this solution.

But Cubicco will work together with builders who are able to get 10 homes in the particular community.

Cubicco comes with several variations to offer. You can see the details at their official site.

But I’d like to note the incredible exterior features which can protect the home from the wind’s forces. The impact on doors and windows will be the least thing you will concern. The house is equipped with R45 insulation and central air.

The owners of the house can also add solar energy, rainwater harvesting system, vertical garden, as well as water heating. I can say that it is the house of the future.

You can learn more about the Classic Collection on the official website here.

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