Exceptional Tiny House With Hardwood Floors

Built with hardwood floors, this amazing farmhouse style tiny house offers you and your family a great place for vacation or settlement.

When you look at the overall appearance of this tiny house, you’d agree that it is one of the best-customized buildings out there.

This tiny house has such a stunning exterior and interior.

The rustic farmhouse style design does not have to be conventional.

It comes with the relevant amenities and the decluttered design that you need in such a limited space.

It comes with a large loft bedroom, extra space for any purposes, a beautiful bathroom, as well as custom hardwood floors.

Not to mention that it comes with butcher block counters.

With such limited space, it manages to keep everything intact and in order.

There’s a functional kitchen that already comes with the butcher block counter, 2 burner cooktop, as well as deep sink, making your daily kitchen activity more prevalent.

Storage is available in some sections of the room.

The bathroom door will lead to the loft bedroom space.

The designer smartly concealed the power outlets and other components of the house.

The windows are nicely installed so that you will get the best natural light daily.

Pretty worth your time for a check.

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