Check Out This 40 Foot Luxury Converted Container Tiny Home

Have you ever imagined living inside a container?

But it is different from the usual container in the shipment and logistics. It is a modified one.

The converted container tiny house is around 40 feet and it is spacious enough for you and your small family to live there.

The tiny house which is made from the converted container does give unique appeals for the escapers, travelers, and the common folks.

The moment you get in the converted container, you will be surprised with how ample the space can offer to you.

Then I’d like to suggest you first check its kitchen. The small kitchen comes with the limited counter space.

It can be a great space for a dining experience as well as the usual gathering occasions with your family.

Don’t worry since it has a good quality stove and counter space, giving you enough for holding the items.

Ceiling windows are there to provide natural light. The flooring is large.

The seating space is limited but you can find plenty of room to sit back and relax.

The full or queen size bed can fit into space.

Bathrooms come with modern amenities that won’t make you down.

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