Amazing Tiny House In Hawaii

Kilauea is the most active volcano in the world. This tiny house is built on top of an active volcano. You can see the volcano from inside the house. The house is surrounded by black lava fields. The house is 4 miles away from the volcano.

The exterior is made of burnt wood, and there are large windows on all sides. There are two porches for sitting out and enjoying the view.

Inside there is a large couch, a desk, and lots of natural light coming into the living room. The house is off-grid and slightly unplugged. You have electricity and wi-Fi.  There is also an electric stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, etc. You can use the internet or watch TV, and there is even a DVD player.

In the center of the house you can find the kitchen and dining room. There are two small fans mounted on the wall to cool you down. Large windows can be opened to allow fresh air to come in.

Kitchen comes stocked with your essentials. You can wash dishes in the unique sink made of a galvanized tub. Bedroom is high in the loft. Wide windows provide stunning views for miles. Queen sized bed is set up as nightstands. Glass partition provides safety without blocking line of sight.

You’ll be surrounded by nature while enjoying the privacy of your own space.

You can book your stay here.

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