The Wedge Is An Epic Tiny House!

Wheelhaus has come with another creative creation called The Wedge. It is one of the best achievements of the Wheelhaus.

The Wedge is constructed with rustic motivation. The wooden material gives such a unique characteristic to the rustic building.

This house is up for all seasons. It will definitely be comfortable to live there in the colder seasons.

Ones can enjoy the living area that is spacious and uncluttered.

The large size of windows can really bring a lot of light to the room. There are plenty of storage spaces as well that you can use.

The open kitchen allows you and your entourage to make your favorite dish together without any hassle.

You must take a look at its fireplace. Sit back and relax.

Although residing in the small house, the bedroom is surprisingly roomy.

The designer also brings the rustic elements inside the house. You will easily see such unique characters to the space.

For those who are working remotely, you shouldn’t worry since this place also has plenty of room for a desk to use for working or other important activities.

The bedrooms are fulfilling. In normal situations, the house can cater up to four people.

For more information about this tiny house, check it out on the Wheelhaus website.

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