The Mendocino County House Will Amaze You

Mendocino County House is one of the best representations of contemporary design. It is an amazing contemporary retreat which everyone can enjoy.

It is located in such a strategic place. You can see there are many surrounding woods and environments.

There’s a sloping ceiling which is the same element as the interior spaces.

There are tons of green features in the design of the house. Since the natural ventilation is achieved, there is no need to install the artificial ventilation again.

The house comes up with the green features including low-use water fixtures, dimmers of the lights, cedar siding, and so on.

Not to mention that the house developers also include the Energy Star Appliances.

Well, what I mentioned above has been truly accommodating for the stayers.

There is a low bookshelf below where you can store your favorite books there. It is easy to reach so that you can read your favorite book without hassle or fuss.

In the outdoors, you will find a wide patio. Here is where you can sleep, relax and conduct the entertainment.

Invite the guests over the tiny house and you will not be confused anymore about entertaining them.

If you are planning for a woodland retreat, don’t hesitate to get the reservation for this house.

For more information about this tiny home visit the official site here.

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