The Hunter Greenhouse

The Hunter Greenhouse is one of the most energy-efficient tiny houses available out there for the people to live and spend their time as of now.

This is an A-frame with a flat top. Regardless of the flat top, you will be able to find lots of living space inside this greenhouse.

The living room and the kitchen are located on the ground floor of The Hunter Greenhouse. Since there are tall glass windows, the house is receiving light from outside.

There is a large dining table on the ground floor as well. It offers the chance for all family members to dine in.

On top of that, the kitchen of The Hunter Greenhouse is offering all the amenities that a family would need to have.

There are plants placed throughout the living space as well. Moreover, you can find a couple of bedrooms on the upper floor. Four people can sleep in these bedrooms at a time.

The bathroom has a classy appearance. The main highlight that you can see in this bathroom is the sleek walk-in shower. This bathroom is located on the upper floor of the Hunter Greenhouse.

No matter what, the best thing about this home is its lovely décor choices.

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