Spectacular and Modern Tiny House

Every person who is familiar with luxuries would expect them to come from a small package, and so does this Starling small home cottage.

The small house has classic shiplap walls and shaker cabinets to suit its decor style, plus additional smart assistants and an energy savings plan to keep your dream minimalist house in a small floor plan.

Natural light is what this small home excels at with its high windows which won’t be a bother at all.

The bright theme used in the interior makes this house feel like it is a lot larger than its actual size.

Looking at the interior, it looks clean with wooden floor and farmhouse style walls which are very easy to clean.

As for the kitchen, you might expect something a lot less luxurious than what you have here in Starling.

There is an amazing island that breaks up the kitchen from the living space.

The counter itself could also function as a storage place or either a dining table.

Being small doesn’t mean that it would lose its luxury, and you can prove it by looking at the bedroom.

The large shower room helps you to further relax in this luxurious and smart small home cottage.

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