Shipping Container Turned Into A Magnificent Tiny House

What would you expect from a shipping container? Not much? But the creator of this house has successfully changed the shipping container into a luxury tiny home.

It is not a small deal at all.

The shipping containers do not have to be dull and boring. And with more twists, one can turn it into the best dwelling for those who are looking for a luxury experience outside their home.

This tiny house comes with a fantastic interior, spa bedroom, open flooring plan, as well as a private bathroom which can make the living experience more enjoyable and aspiring.

It is indeed smaller than other common tiny houses. But with the open flooring plan, it feels larger and wider than it is supposed to be. you can also open up the outside patio area to make the room look larger.

The living area is accompanied by a great kitchen counter. so, there is a great combination of the dining area and part of the kitchenette.

There’s a small dorm refrigerator under the counter. With few adjustments, you could make the livelihood in this space more livable and enjoyable.

The floating shelves above the counters are the game-changer. It gives good new functions and the design adds to the home.

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