LOTR Fans Should Check This Van-Sourced Tiny Home!

Ever imagined a tiny house made from a van?

But wait for it. The surprise element is your favorite Lord of the Rings movie.

This van is not just a van. Someone had built it to be a livable house.

But much better news from it is the fact that it is inspired by the LOTR.

The fantasy movie fans will surely love this.

It can be your best fantasy getaway that you can enjoy with your family members.

The home comes with customizable possibilities as well. You can customize the house to reach your personal desire and requirement.

The fan of LOTR is the builder of this house. As you see the house from the outside, you will agree that there are many things about Tolkien’s middle earth here.

You will be impressed from the start of your tour. The wallpaper of the house really signifies the fantasy of Middle earth.

It has a kitchen with a cooktop and a large sink.

The inside of the house is very beautiful so that it can be easy to get distracted in the house for hours without having to go outside.

Check out this amazing house as soon as possible if you are the real fan of the LOTR and need a small house.

Learn more about this awesome tiny house by visiting Glen Michael Herbert’s (the creator) Facebook here.

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