Gorgeous 204 Square Feet Tiny Home

When you look at the pictures of the Lafayette Tiny House, I am sure that you will hardly believe that this house is only 204 square feet in total.

Well, indeed, it is true!

The house is for the client who lives nearby Lafayette, Louisiana. The living space of this house, again, is only 204 square feet.

Let’s talk about the exterior first. I’d like to appreciate the exterior color scheme which comes with airy blues and greens.

The natural wood of the house with the perfect choices of the colors really represent the natural environment that won’t fail you.

The brackets which support the shelves in the kitchen have such great design.

Although it is only a small part in the kitchen section, I think it is the one which can add more to personality and customization.

The countertop is made of acacia wood. Then the wood can cover the sink when you don’t use the sink, so that you will have space for the food prep or other works.

The sliding pantry wraps with the bathroom, a very versatile one.

The two lofts are large enough so that you can have such a convenient place to rest without sacrificing your convenience.

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Learn more about this tiny house here.

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