Charming Tiny House on Vancouver Island

If you are planning to build a tiny house, this one can be one of the best inspirations.

The owners of this house are Craig and Amy. They are a lovely couple from Vancouver Island.

They also have a furry buddy named Murphy.

The house main stars lie in the deep blue siding which will make the viewers notice the house at first.

Thanks to this siding, it makes the dwelling standing out of the crowd.

I love the components and the elements of the interiors. These are fantastic.

Let’s start from the interior which features the counters and cabinets. Then one of each doubles as the bar for the dining.

Bathroom is situated at the back of the house underneath the convenient sleeping loft.

You can reach it by getting on the steps on the left.

The builders have made use of some rustic materials effectively so that it comes out with the simple and contemporary interior and exterior that won’t fail you.

Kitchen is functional. It has everything you need to make your most favorite dishes all the time.

Then there’s a storage space below the stairs.

This rustic cabin house is definitely worth checking as your inspiration or commission.

Learn more about Craig and Amy’s tiny house by visiting Tiny Lovin Life and Instagram.

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