Belle Rental at Leavenworth Tiny House

Leavenworth Tiny House Village in Washington with Belle Rental could be segmented to the tiny house lovers who are fans of Beauty and the Beast Story. The house is inspired by Belle, the main character of the movies.

As expected, the home has the best representations of the lead character. It has light blue shutters, brown trim, as well as creamy siding.

The 307 square feet has such a strategic layout that can make the home feel more spacious and awesome. The living room is in the front part of the home.

There is a full-sized couch that can be used by the dwellers to nap and relax. But it can also work as the guest bed if needed.

The light blue cabinets are the focal points to be enjoyed in the kitchen. There are also compact appliances that make the kitchen more presentable while functionable.

You will notice a little nook that hosts the small table for dining with the fellow dwellers.

Going upstairs, you can take it by the staircase. There is a sleeping area which can cater to twin mattresses and queen-sized beds. This house can cater for up to four folks. Have you and your friends sleep over this place and you won’t regret it.

It costs $129 per night.

For more information on this tiny house rental and others, go here.

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